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Specialized helmet S-works Prevail 3 Mips Angi Black

Specialized helmet S-works Prevail 3 Mips Angi Black

The S-Works Prevail 3 helmet is perfect for cyclists who appreciate the comfort and thermoregulation features offered by superior ventilation. It is the ultimate helmet for many uses that excels in hot conditions, difficult climbs and mountain stages.

With an endless search to find the limits of ventilation, the central 'bridges' were eliminated from the foam material, which block the air from the center, effectively creating channels that increase the ventilation surface by 24,5% compared to the S-Works Prevail II Vent. The all-new S-Works Prevail 3 has the widest ventilation area of any helmet ever made by Specialized.

When a helmet is impacted, its task is to dissipate the energy generated. The conventional approach is that more foam (EPS) means better energy management. We rewrote the book on the design of cycling helmets going beyond the foam. The aramid cables run through the helmet and are anchored to the carbon fiber side panels. On impact, AirCage* technology works like a suspension bridge and is designed to distribute localized forces throughout the helmet.

The occipital adjustment allows a custom fit, and even the angle of the helmet can be managed for compatibility with glasses. The TriFix system now has thinner straps to prevent irritation. The Mindset sealing system with micro register is very light and has an even better grip for on-the-fly adjustment while pedaling, and is predisposed to the use of the angi sensor.

MIPS Node Air technology is integrated into the padding with a thin layer designed to dissipate rotational forces. Perforations have been added to further improve comfort and performance.

  • The new AirCage improves airflow. (Technology under patent)
  • Precision, full-wrap polycarbonate shell for increased durability and premium finish.
  • MIPS Air Node technology is MIPS' most ventilation-focused solution.
  • Adjustable Tri-Fix web splitter boosts comfort through personalized fit.
  • Occipital Base Adjustment optimizes comfort and compatibility with glasses.
  • The Mindset sealing system is designed for the integration of an angi sensor and has a better grip and for easy fit on the go.