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OAKLEY DRT5 Maven Mips White Helmet

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OAKLEY DRT5 Maven Mips White Helmet

An evolution of the DRT5, the DRT5 Maven helmet is designed to give you all the comfort and high-level performance you need to tackle the toughest trails. Completely redesigned, the DRT5 Maven features a more protective cover, an improved ventilation system, a fully adjustable fit and an outer shell with a low profile design. And because our DNA speaks volumes about eyewear, the DRT5 Maven also offers a perfect integration with glasses and masks. With the integrated goggles rest area and the visor with four adjustments, you’ll always have all the flexibility you need in any situation. When the terrain gets tough, the DRT5 Maven helmet is ready for the challenge.

Other details
- FIT: The BOA 360 system includes an adjustment wheel for a secure and optimal fit.
- ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 60 grams less than the previous model, the DRT5 Maven helmet is lighter than ever.
- PROTECTION: The Mips ³ brain protection system consists of a low friction layer integrated in the helmet developed to reduce rotational accelerations suffered by brain tissue in the event of impact, helping to protect against potential injury.
- VENTILATION: the DRT5 Maven helmet has a total of 19 ventilation holes, including the new openings on the front and top, to ensure airflow and breathability always optimal.
- COMFORT: the DRT5 Maven is equipped with both the ciliary sweat protection band and the traditional fabric padding on the top of the helmet. The silicone gel sweat protection allows you to collect sweat from your forehead and deflect it so it doesn’t get dirty in your glasses, while the fabric padding increases the contact points for more comfort.
- INNER LINING: The inner coating of Ionic+% Antimicrobial is activated in case of sweat, keeping the skin fresh and the odors under control.
- EYEWEAR HOUSING: the front openings are not only used for ventilation, but also provide a safe place to store glasses. The special lugs in Unobtainium ³ secure the rods in place, while a second eyewear station is placed on the back of the helmet, a unique feature of the DRT5 Maven.
- EYEWEAR INTEGRATION: the visor with four adjustments protects face and eyes from dust and sun rays, as well as being another excellent alternative for storing glasses. The DRT5 Maven helmet has been designed according to the characteristics of our Airbrake MTB mask, offering a perfect fit in combination with this model.
- DESIGN: the DRT5 Maven helmet features a badge with logo covered in Iridium, recalling the colours of the Prizm ³ lenses of the Oakley glasses. The color of the badge varies depending on the color of the helmet, but they all pay tribute to the great Oakley tradition in the eyewear world.
- Helmet case, goggles and decal flaps Oakley includedSmall (52-56cm) / Medium (54-58cm) / Large (56-60cm)
- Type approval CPSC 1203, EN 1078 and ANZ2063