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Muc-Off Punk Powder Bike Cleaner Twin Pack

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Muc-Off Punk Powder Bike Cleaner Twin Pack

Muc-Off Punk Powder is the world’s first plastic-free bike cleaner: Punk Powder! A really powerful formula with built-in sustainability, which has the same epic power as the pink bike cleaner O.G, makes the work of manure and dirt light. Some bicycle cleaners out there have a carbon footprint bigger than the Jurassic Park T-Rex, but not us. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our plastic and water consumption along with our CO2 production; so we have started the epic task of developing the ultimate dust-based cleaner! For three years, we tested and tinkered with hundreds of versions until we got to that. Formulated using the latest technological advances and the best biodegradable ingredients (75% of which are plant-based!), our latest creation is not only incredibly safe for you and the environment, but also for all bikes and finishes. In Muc-Off, we don’t do things halfway. Punk Powder offers the characteristic cleaning power you expect, but with readily biodegradable ingredients and 92% less packaging than two of our standard 1 liter bottles is really a guilt-free shimmer!

The fast dissolving formula means it is ready for use within seconds of adding water, and if you want to become a true ecological warrior, you can even use the collected rainwater! Simply reuse your old Muc-Off bottle or grab one of our new aluminum bottles for life and get busy with cleaning: it also works with our pressure washer to create a fantastic foam for the fastest possible cleaning. It is not only the dust to be green and bad (on the dirt), but also the packaging. It is 100% plastic free and each sachet is compostable (certified according to EN 13432) and made with renewable raw materials. We also used plant-based inks! From production to the powder itself, sustainability is incorporated. So you can destroy hard, with a clean bike and conscience. Punk Powder is the future of bike cleaning: the future is here!

    Makes 2x liters of bike cleaner.
    Packaging 100% plastic free.
    Ingredients readily biodegradable.
    100% without water.
    Refill your old bottle and help reduce plastic waste.
    92% packaging savings compared to 2 1 liter bike cleaners.
    100% ecological ingredients, including plant-based raw materials.
    Supplied in compostable sachet and printed with vegetable inks.
    FSC recycled paper box containing 2 sachets - which makes 2L bike cleaner.
    Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fiber.
    It does not damage gaskets, cables, disc brake pads or rotors.
    Alkaline based and free from alcohol, CFC, EDTA, solvents or acids.
    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
    Cruelty free, not tested on animals.