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DEDA Superbox DCR Attachment Elements for Handlebars

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DEDA Superbox DCR Attachment Elements for Handlebars

The evolution of the current Superbox to the DCR system for complete cable integration. 1 connection, 4 fittings. The mount can be used in 4 different ways to fit any cable entry solution in the market: DCR, S-DCR, Direct and External. Together with the Deda handlebars with DCR system (Deda internal cable routing) the attachment is the perfect solution for bikes with fully integrated cable passages. The Superbox mount has a patented solution that includes two possible solutions for internal cable passage. The solution with fully internal (DCR) or semi-integrated (S-DCR) cable passages through a cover that allows installation, adjustment or maintenance without complications for electrical cable connections or hydraulic conduits. Superbox can be mounted on a traditional 1-1/8" fork tube and is compatible with a 46 mm frame (for 1-1/8" bearing) or 56 mm (for 1.5" bearing). The connection design is completed by a series of thicknesses with channels for the passage of cables. The shims and the cover are designed to be openable without having to disassemble any cable from the frame for easy adjustment of the steering height. The innovative attack forging process with the flat shape guarantees better aerodynamics. The addition of sizes 70 and 80 makes the Superbox binding the best choice for mtb and gravel bikes. Available in POB finish (Polish on black).

    Aluminium 6061
    Black steel
    Height of attack:
    32 mm; 47 mm (with cover)
    82 SEASON
    Diameter of the handlebar:
    31.7 mm
    Fork tube:
    1 1/8" (28.6mm)
    70mm (SBOXDCR-POB070)
    80mm (SBOXDCR-POB080)
    90mm (SBOXDCR-POB090)
    100mm (SBOXDCR-POB100)
    110mm (SBOXDCR-POB110)
    120mm (SBOXDCR-POB120)
    130mm (SBOXDCR-POB130)
    140mm (SBOXDCR-POB140)
    175g (based on a size of 110mm)
    POB (Polish on Black)
    Accessories included:
    topcap, 46mm & 56mm top cover, D-clip insert.
    The internal cable entry system (DCR) is only compatible with electronic assemblies (up to 3 cables); the semi-integrated system (S-DCR) is compatible with any bike and group configuration (up to 4 cables)