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Columbus Fork Futura Cross Plus Raw Color

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Compatible with the most up-to-date lightweight luggage carrier systems, (in the style of Anything-Cage) these eyelets guarantee a wide range of possible configurations ¿Bag' different. From lightweight, high-performance travel, to large randonnés, to adventure in self-sufficiency, on and off the road, with a surprising load capacity.

In addition, to better meet the needs of explorers, Cross+ also introduces the functional internal passage for hubs with integrated dynamo. Thanks to this peculiarity, in fact, it is now possible to connect the most up-to-date hubs to the on-board electrical systems of lighting, navigation and energy-storage. In addition, the internal passage of these cables ensures an ideal protection from the weather and accidental impacts, returning an excellent cleaning, both aesthetic and use.

Finally, the Multi-Rake system, already widely appreciated on the Futura Cross, completes the technology package, allowing useful tuning of the fork offset, based on the wheel diameter and tire width chosen, and the various load and reactivity needs.

Carbon fiber T700S & HFM monocoque
Finishes: UD and painted Columbus
Steering: Tapered 1-1/8" - 1-1/2"
Steering length: 350mm
Axle-to-crown length: 392mm
Rake: 47/52mm
Head diameter: 56mm
Wheel pass: 700x47mm / 27.5"x2.1"
Through pin: Columbus 12mm (included)
Disc Clamp: Flat mount - maximum rotor 160mm
Passage: Interior for dynamo
Eyelets: for anything-cage and fenders
Load capacity: maximum 3kg per sheath using all three eyelets
Recommended expander: kgapcap28.6c
Weight: 535g ( 10g)