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CAMPAGNOLO Shamal Carbon C21 Wheelset

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CAMPAGNOLO Shamal Carbon C21 Wheelset

Campagnolo Pair of Shamal Carbon Disc wheels
The Shamal Carbon Disc from Campagnolo is the perfect all-rounder: a fast and comfortable wheel at the same time. Ideal for Endurance and Gravel bikes.
Fast comfort wheels: Campagnolo Shamal Carbonio disc brake

For Campagnolo, the Shamal family of wheels has always represented an evolutionary impulse. Since 1992, the name has stood for speed, aerodynamics, performance and design at the highest level.

In line with this forward-looking history of Shamal wheels, the first Campagnolo wheel series specifically dedicated to Endurance and Gravel bikes has been created.

The Shamal Carbon Disc wheels have an internal width of 21 mm and are therefore able to accommodate wider tires to offer maximum comfort to the cyclist, both racing and long-distance tourism. This new set of Campagnolo wheels is deliberately aimed at the wide circle of cyclists who want fast and comfortable wheels. It goes without saying that the products of the traditional Italian manufacturer always have an attractive design and high-quality materials.

The modern rounded profile, the newly developed aluminium hubs, the innovative bearing system and the carbon rims speak for themselves. Every phase of the design of the Campagnolo Shamal Carbon Disc has been driven by the desire to improve the performance of the cyclist in the long hours in the saddle and to make the riding experience as pleasant as possible in all circumstances.

For this reason, the rim has been designed to be perfectly matched with tires 25mm, 28mm or 30mm wide. However, the large rim channel makes this wheel a complete allrounder, also suitable for wider tires, such as those used for gravel bikes. Thanks to the 2-Way Fit technology, Campagnolo guarantees full compatibility with both clincher and tubeless tyres. No adhesive tape is required for the gasket when using tubeless tires.

Characteristics - Shamal carbon disc brake

The rim design with an internal width of 21 mm offers maximum choice in terms of tyre width. From comfortable tyres for road use (25mm, 28mm, 30mm) to bulky tyres for cyclocross and gravel (between 32mm and 45mm or 50mm).
Thanks to the patented Momag system and the non-perforated rim base, SHAMAL wheels are ready for use with tubeless tyres without the use of sealing tape. Guarantee of easy maintenance and cleaning.
The 2-Way Fit profile allows the fitting of clincher and tubeless tyres.
Ideal for use on Endurance road bikes or gravel bikes

Product characteristics

Field of use: Endurance / Gravel / Cyclocross / Road bicycle
Model: Shamal Carbon Disc
Type of rim: clincher
Tubeless system: Yes (2-Way Fit)
Impeller size: 28"
Size of circle: 622x21C
Brake type: Disc brake
Installation width: 12 x 100mm front / 12 x 142mm back
Bearing: Cone Bearing System
Rim height: 35mm (front) / 40mm (rear)
Rim section (height/width): 35-40/28.1 mm
Spokes: front 24 / rear 24 (G3)

Freewheel compatibility (select variant)

Campagnolo (N3W 11-12)
Sram (XDR 12)
Shimano (HG 8-11) / Sram (XD 9-11)


Rims: Carbon
Hub body: aluminium
Spokes: Stainless steel
Nipple: Aluminium, Aluminium


Black label / dark label


1585g torque (manufacturer specifications)

Scope of supply

1 Shamal carbon disc disc

G3 someone. -Geometry
Campagnolo ¿ has developed a spoke system that improves energy transmission compared to a traditional wheel, reduces the stress of the spokes on the right side of the rear wheel and increases lateral stiffness. This is because in the G3# geometry, the right side of the rear wheel has twice the spokes of the left side. The advantages of the system G3 ơ are amazing: better transmission of the motive force, greater lateral rigidity, reduction of the tension of the spokes on the back wheel. Thanks to the G3 ķ system, which compensates for the forces acting on the 2 sides of the wheel, vibrations are eliminated, even for people with heavier weights.

The "mounting magnet" is a magnet with a brain. That’s why Campagnolo has patented it. The nipples are inserted into the circle through the opening of the valve and then a magnet guides them to the corresponding opening. The upper rim tape is closed and locking takes place from the outside. Advantages: The pit of the closed rim is more stable, with clincher tires no longer need the rim tape, which saves weight. Spokes can be tightened more tightly and changed easily, the wheel is stiffer and more stable, reactivity and acceleration are higher.

A single standard for all Campagnolo cassettes: those of yesterday, today and the past. tomorrow.