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ASSOS Salopette Equipe RSR S9 Targa Katana Red

ASSOS Salopette Equipe RSR S9 Targa Katana Red

S9 Sundeck Case Back: This case back is lightweight and slim in design, perfected for more cooling capacity. The fabric that neutralizes the odors on the top features a 3D design in the color gamut of basalt, which pays homage to a volcanic rock that symbolizes strength, stability and courage.

Features case back:
- Shock-Absorb Damping System Mono 9: Race design, consisting of a 9 mm thick compressive foam system with 3D Waffle cushioning, which reduces weight and increases air circulation. The shape is thermoformed to reduce roughness and irritation
- goldenGate: Seam pattern that fixes the front and back of the padding, but omits the body of the padding, allowing the padding to 'float' and move with your body
instead of offering resistance
- Sundeck Superlight: Soft and comfortable fabric panel located on the front of the case back. Increases air circulation and eliminates pressure in the most sensitive areas, allowing the rest
of the garment to have a more aggressive cut
- whirlKrater: System incorporating strategically distributed perforations along the back and also in the foam layers to create air flow to promote cooling

- A-Lock Engineering: The external rollbar straps, The ergonomic modified ergoBox frame and the one-piece butterfly panel are the ideal combination to achieve frictionless stability and comfort while moving weight from side to side of the saddle during stress peaks on the bike
Carbon Xbib: A-straps that offer limited vertical elasticity at the back and stabilize the case back to better keep the garment in place As a finishing touch, the carbon double-face material reduces drying time compared to previous designs
- skinGrip: Silicone-treated leg compression bands that secure the position of the leg panels and leggings to provide a compressive fit in the thigh area and minimize the roughness between the skin and overalls
- Composition: 68% polyamide, 26% elastane, 6% polyester